Saturday, February 14, 2009

Super Easy Meals Part 1

Barbeque is a big deal in this state, with various regions championing their own particular concoctions and methods. Being a mountain girl, I can appreciate the “Down East” vinegar based bbq, but still prefer the tomato based flavors of home. Actually, I don’t think that mountain bbq is so much about tomatoes, as it is about sweetness. We love a brown sugar, honey, molasses sweet taste (I have found this to be in true in other areas – my family puts butter and sugar on not only grits, but rice as well).
Barbeque is surprisingly easy to make. Of course, I’m not talking about slow-roasting over a pit barbeque, but you can get quite good results with a crock-pot. And you only need two things: pork tenderloin and your choice of barbeque sauce. Put the loin in the crock-pot and cover with a good bit of sauce, cook on high for about four hours. By that time, the meat will be falling about and sooo tender. All you have to do is tear it up, shred it a bit with some forks. We like to fix this for Sunday afternoon. We come in from church and the smell greets us at the door. Traditionally (at least for us) barbeque is served with slaw – chop up some cabbage and shred some carrots, mix up with just a bit of mayonnaise and salt and pepper. Finish off the meal with some French fries.


Elle said...

That sounds SO yummy!! ... can I ask for directions on how to make the bbq?!? :)

Hope you're well!

Stephanie said...

Hey! Thanks! The directions are really easy - just buy the pork tenderloin at the grocery store (I usually look for the smallest I can find, since I'm only cooking for two) and choose some BBQ sauce (I don't make my own) - put the pork tenderloin in the crock-pot and cover with about 1/2 cup of the sauce and cook on high for 4 hours. Pull it apart and mix in more sauce and done!

Elle said...

I am totally trying this! Thanks! :)