Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Retreat

Last weekend, Jordan and I went with two other couples to Fort Caswell on Oak Island for a Worship Leader's Conference. I was just tagging along, rather than attending the conference, so I ran around like crazy with my camera and tripod. I woke up at 5:30 am (about the time I get up now, anyway) bundled up and crept outside to walk on the beach. The fort sits on the far end of the island where the Cape Fear meets the ocean, so I walked towards the end that faced out into the open sea. It was dark when I started--like pitch black, stars are shining, just a thin strip of blue on the horizon. My eyes adjusted and I could see just enough not to actually walk into the water. It was amazing--like an HG Wells novel, time travel kind of way, which may sound creepy, but I loved it. The sky got lighter slowly, and I saw birds swooping and scuttling in the surf.

Across the estuary is Baldhead Island, where the lighthouse is affectionately called Old Baldy.

Oak Island's own lighthouse isn't much of a looker, but apparently it is the strongest light in NC.

I really love this picture--the blueblack and orangegold.

While the conference was going on, the other tag-alongs and I went to Brunswick Town, a state historic site I had never heard of. It is the excavation of a pre-Revolutionary town along the Cape Fear that was razed by the British. The biggest structure left is the burned out church of St. Philip's.

The foundations of a home. They have estimated that only 15% of the entire site has been excavated, so this was actually a good sized port town in the 18th century.

During the Civil War, the Confederate army built Fort Anderson on the site. This is the earthworks. The fort was abandoned after a three day battle in February 1865.

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