Friday, July 9, 2010

Domestic Scholar is Back Online

Hi, I'm back. Domestic Scholar has been undeleted. I wanted to see how I liked things in a blogless world, prompted partly by a small marital tiff and partly because I feel I get a bit too ambitious with my projects, blogging included. But, in the end, I missed the blog. I kept saying to myself, "oh, I need to blog about that." So, back I come. There have been a few slight changes to the layout - I couldn't resist blogger's new template designs, and besides, having also deleted my flickr account (which wouldn't actually delete, but that is another story), I lost the link to my header. So here we are.

A few updates:
1) England was fantastic! Perfect, unbelievable, outstanding. I will post on the scrapbook that I made from our pictures.
2) I have a nephew! He is almost one month old, and he is perfect, unbelievable, and outstanding.
3) I made a dress. A separate post will follow, but I am pleased with the way it turned out.
4) I am working on my dissertation. It is hard to account for actual progress because I feel like I am working on three chapters simultaneously, but the Pamela chapter has passed two committee members, the Mansfield Park chapter has passed through one, and I am planning to turn in the Villette chapter to my chair next week.
5) I am slowly working my way through Ken Follette's The Pillars of the Earth, which is great - the epic story of the building of a cathedral in medieval England - full of minute historical detail, architectural explanation, and multiple view-points. I am also reading Bill Bryson's The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America, which is hilarious, perfect for reading before bed.
6) Summer produce! I have made blackberry crisp and blackberry swirl poundcake, sweet corn on the cob, squash, and veggie pizza with wonderful produce from Kimrey Farm (if you are in the area, check them out

Anyway, I'm back, and I'm happy about it!

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